Vendredi 24 juin 2011

Mediator crisis will thorouly impact the pharma business in France .

Regulations will change, meaning more barriers to be allowed to  sell new pharma.

As such one major crisis with one actor in the industry will influence the all sector .

As such Merk has recently decided to stop developments of  one of its major new product preventing a negative answer from autorities.

Conclusion: anticipate crisis is aslo be attentive to competitors crisis and learn about it .

Laboratoires Servier/ Mediator

Mercredi 26 janvier 2011

This is an intersting cas of crisis management:

Phase 1 : Servier is deniing the situation

Phase 2 : After 3 weeks of silence, Servier is rediucing the consequences of Mediator

Phase 3 : Servier explain : with pharmaceuticals, there is always a benefit/risk analysis that everybody should understand

Phase 4 : French goverment is setting up a compensation plan . Servier declare his participation without any precisions

Conclusion : Denegation, delays in recting , no compassion, inapropriate declaration from Servier management

                         Public is choked

                        Other pharmaceutical labs cannot support Servier

                        A big french laboratory is facing huge difficulties by lack of jugement and crisis management

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Mardi 5 octobre 2010


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