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Because crises do not only happen to others!
• serious quality issues
• social conflicts
• electronic, information system break down
• epidemics
• fatalities
• media crisis
You are anticipating a complex transition period
• downsizing / restructuration
• merger / acquisition
• office / plant move
• social tension
And because crises are inherent to our companies’ lives

It is essential to anticipate, to better prevent and manage crises.
Managing a crisis rapidly and efficiently ensures your company’s survival and its ability to grasp new opportunities.
- Have you identified your risks?

- How are you prepared to face them?
Have you set up a crisis management process?
Do you have skilled managers to handle such situations?
Are your teams aware of crises and trained to manage them?

Are you prepared to communicate in the event of a crisis?
Our mission : Providing expertise in crisis
and operational management
We offer our field experience of crisis situations management within complex, competitive environments to help our partners prevent and pilot crises and hence reduce their risks.

As such, we propose to:
- Assess your risks and elaborate an adapted crisis management process
- Train your teams and undertake adequate crisis tests.
- Advise you during a crisis.
- Prepare crisis communication.
- Take direct responsibility to set up action plans during a transition period
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